Yoga means union of the mind, body and spirit and refers to a certain state of consciousness achieved after a proper, holistic practice.

Traditional Hatha Yoga, taught in the Himalayan schools, is an exact, scientific and easy-to-learn system that aims at naturally achieving this Union.

Yoga is an approach to life that values self-development and self-realization.

The teachings focus on 5 main areas for a healthy body & mind:

– Proper Exercise (Physical postures/ Asanas)
– Proper Breathing (Breath regulation/ Pranayama)
– Proper Relaxation
– Proper Diet
– Positive Thinking and Meditation

What is special about Sivananda Yoga?
The Sivananda lineage of yoga is part of an ancient yogic lineage going back almost 1300 years. They subscribe to traditional yogic practices that are time-tested, scientific and loaded with spiritual insights. This style of Yoga is not just limited to transforming your physical body and losing weight.
Rather it is a wholistic practice that more specifically aims to regulate your breath and mind through a series of scientifically designed postures.

These postures work on each and every part of your body/ mind, rendering it stronger, more flexible and a mind that is calm and vibrant with positive energy. Especially suited for people in Dubai, who have a sedentary lifestyle or work in stressful corporate situations and who wish to energise and refresh body/ mind.

Deepa Bhat

Yoga Practitioner  

A tailored class based on each client’s needs and requirements.
The goal is set at the beginning of the first session through an assessment. A number of sessions is then fixed in order to guide the client through a step by step program based on safety guidelines and proper alignments cues.


This class is suitable for all level students seeking at a regular practice. The class starts with a warm up then short and long sequences are then introduced with proper cues and variations followed by a relaxing cool down. You will feel energized and recharged after your flow class.


These basic classes are a demonstration of the simple asanas or postures. Although it is called slow flow this does not mean it is only for beginners. It is also good for people who are interested in yoga but who have never attended a class before. Advanced students keep returning to the first level to work on alignment and posture. In this class the focus will be on safety and correct alignment until you become familiar with the yoga poses.
Yoga teacher will be giving you help and guidance so that you will feel totally comfortable during all the classes.

The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible, it also improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems through regular practice. It reduce back pain, neck pain, sleeping disorder, body stiffness, fatigue and depression among other problems.

Yoga changes your life in all possible aspects, it is never too late to start practicing!

Namaste, and see you soon!