Ripe Organic - Organic Food

Ripe is the UAE’s leading provider of fresh, local organic fruits and vegetables. We’re a team of food fanatics, on a mission to educate and engage the community in our passion for local, organic and seasonal produce.

Ripe Markets offers a unique alfresco shopping experience, with four weekly markets in the UAE. With organic fruit and veggies from Ripe and some of the UAE’s hottest and most talented foodies and artists, the Ripe Food And Craft Markets are an amazing event which bring together both the local and expat community. www.ripeme.com

Viva Mayr

VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine, beautifully located on a quiet peninsula in Lake Wörth!

VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine, the prestigious clinic was set up in 2004 by Mayr practitioner and physician Dr Harald Stossier and Dr Christine Stossier and has quickly established an international reputation and an army of devotees.

VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine is located on the shores of the spectacular Lake Worth, Austria, which is blessed with a sunny southern Alpine climate and stunning scenery. It is renowned as one of the world’s top medical detoxification clinic resorts, particularly for allergy sufferers and people seeking sustained therapeutic success where conventional medicine often fails.

VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine is a highly-specialised private medical centre based on the treatment concepts of Mr F. X. Mayr, concentrating on regeneration and preventive medicine. Spending time at Viva Mayr is probably the best investment in your health (and looks) and is truly a life-changing experience with our traditional knowledge and continuously improved holistic health concept which achieves long-term results.

Modern Mayr Medicine concentrates on the importance of good digestion to our health. Dr Harald Stossier, Medical Director of the VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine, has expanded the original concepts of the Mayr cure to create the Modern Mayr Medicine approach of promoting optimal health. Detoxification is the core element of any treatment program at VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine with emphasis on rest, strict cleansing of the digestive system and re-education of eating habits.

For more information on the clinic and doctors please visit: www.viva-mayr.com or contact info@dubaihtc.com at the Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre


IhreGene is the special supplier of high quality, reliable genetic tests and operates under the strict guidelines of the German gene diagnostics law. Under the technical direction of Dr. med. Kira Kubenz, MSc. predictive genetic tests based on the latest scientific findings and interpreted for doctors and patients are developed. This personalized preventive medicine gives the patient the opportunity to get the optimal lifestyle for him and so forestall the development of diseases. Due to our high quality genetic tests each opportunities are individual and can be used to heal older or to identify potential individual risks in time to counteract them. IhreGene works medical professional and is a reliable and trustworthy partner in gene diagnostics for patients and doctors.

For more information please visit: www.ihregene.de/en

Feng Shui by Cristiano Falconi

In Chinese, the term Feng Shui means ‘Wind and Water’. It is one of the five factors contributing to life’s success, peace and prosperity. Many books on Feng Shui exist but understanding the core of Feng Shui living takes a lifetime to fully understand and implement. Cristiano Falconi has attended numerous seminars in Milan, Paris and London before he became a Dubai-based Feng Shui consultant.

For further information: www.cristianofalconi.com

The Organic Pharmacy

Made with love in London

We believe beautiful products and services come from the heart. We are so proud that our products are produced in the UK in our own factory where we can ensure complete traceability and quality. Manufactured in small batches we make sure each and every product is perfect.

Beautiful Organic Ingredients
We could never make beautiful products without some special ingredients. Naturally our ingredients are certified organic but in addition to being organic we use some very special extracts, over 250 organic medicinal herbs to be precise, but in many products we have our star ingredients which we use over and over again because they are so fantastic.

Homeopathy is at the heart of what we do
We incorporate homeopathy, herbal medicine and nutrients at the heart of everything that we do and believe that this holistic approach is the safest and fasted way to restore health and wellbeing.

We hope that you really enjoy using our products and that they help restore health, vitality and wellbeing to you.

For further information about The Organic Pharmacy, visit our website at www.theorganicpharmacy.com


MASS4D® fully customised foot insoles are prescribed and recommended for treating and preventing a number of musculoskeletal disorders connected to the lower body. MASS4D® helps improve foot health for managing conditions such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis and bunions.

By offering the supportive force needed to improve foot posture and restore posture alignment, MASS4D® custom insoles protect the wearer’s overall health from the effects of posture problems and arthritis.

Visit www.mass4d.org/ to learn more.

Why MASS4D®?

Built to individual specifications with plastic shells, cushion foams and high-quality top covers, each insole stands as a testament to the dedication of MASS4D® in helping each patient recover from their injuries.

MASS4D® insoles can easily be incorporated into almost any type of footwear, providing the same level of comfort and convenience while supporting optimal foot posture. This saves patients the worry of purchasing specific shoes for the insoles.

Comprehensive physical examinations help determine the cause of the patient’s condition, with the fully customized foot insoles supplied directly to the patient at Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre to support any treatment programme.

MASS4D® insoles are used to help in the treatment of a number of foot and body conditions, including (but not limited to) plantar fasciitis, flat feet, bunions, metatarsalgia, ankle sprains, knee pain, and IT band syndrome.

Get Better with Every Step

Unlike traditional foot insoles, MASS4D® offers unmatched levels of support to help improve foot and body posture.

All MASS4D® foot insoles are produced following the highest standards in foot examination and production, resulting in insoles of the highest quality.

Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre offers MASS4D® insoles as part of its rehabilitative goal of getting patients back on their feet and keeping them there. For more information, please visit www.mass4d.org or contact info@mass4d.com

Kiddy Couture

Kiddy Couture, Dubai’s coolest organic hair salon for kids and teenagers, Kiddy Couture is the first organic kids salon to open in Dubai and offers competitive prices in line with ordinary salons but sets itself apart from the clutter due to its meticulously designed salon, welcoming and fun atmosphere and most importantly the safety of using 100% certified organic products.

Kiddy Couture is all about high standards at prices every family can afford. The salon also offers VIP home services, customized service for children with special needs and various party services and products for both kids and special occasions like birthdays, national day and festivities.

For further information about Kiddy Couture, visit the website at www.kiddy-couture.com or contact us at salon@kiddy-couture.com

Aviation Professionals Club (APC)

The Aviation Professionals Club

is social club founded in 2000 when a group of dedicated airline pilots came together and created an exclusive social club that would open the door for its members to the good life in Dubai. The APC is now one of the most renowned clubs in the Emirates, home to more than 9,000 members. A voluntary, non-profit club, the membership is exclusive to all UAE based pilots and their families, from Emirates, Etihad, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Royal Flights, private airlines and associated members in the UAE.
Working with a select group of partners, the APC sources and selects the very finest social, sporting and leisure offers to grant our members privileged access to a rewarding lifestyle that may otherwise be out of reach. APC members enjoy discounts with M&S Sports. Visit our website at www.apc.ae