IV laser therapy has been used as a healing approach to wellness. The usage of soft lasers supplies the body with energy to trigger numerous regenerative processes.

Medical laser therapy applies blue, red, green, ultraviolet and yellow infrared laser and each colour develop different effects.

The laser colors will be administered based on the recommendations, by our medical practitioner. Each session may last up to 45-50 minutes.



Red IV laser colour

Energizing effects, strengthens the immune system, increases cell activity, regenerates damaged tissue structures and improves circulation.


Green IV laser

Improves the function, behavior and cell elasticity of red blood cells, Increases Oxygen Delivery, Decreases in lactic acid and Reduces blood viscosity and improves blood flow.

Ultraviolet IV laser

Strengthen the immune system and improve overall health, increases oxygen absorption into body tissues, destroys fungal, viral, and bacterial growth and detoxify and inactivate or remove toxins.

Blue IV laser

Improves micro-circulation, strong anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial effects, accelerates wound healing, supports pain relief, activates maximum anti-aging effects.

Yellow IV laser

Anti-depressant effects by enhancement of Vitamin D and serotonin production, effective against chronic (viral) infections, strong anti-bacterial effects, positive influence on endocrine-system and metabolism.