Dr. Charlotte has had enormous success in helping women to conceive. She is an allopathic physician with extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and combines these two worlds since many years to achieve your goal to get pregnant.


For Women

Special acupuncture point combinations and techniques have been shown to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs. Healthy blood that is supported by a healthy diet and herbal supplements will provide the ovaries and uterus with more nourishment. The increase in healthy blood flow can increase follicle and egg health and also encourage the lining of the uterus to make a more hospitable environment for an embryo to implant and grow. Using specific acupuncture treatments to increase blood flow to the ovaries in addition to strengthening the immune system can play a very important role in conception.

The endorphins that are released by the brain during acupuncture can raise the amount of white blood cells, T-cells and antibodies in the body thereby increasing the body’s level of immunity. This becomes important when there are immunological causes for fertility or failed implantation issues. An overactive immune system can also cause unwanted inflammation in the reproductive organs. This is particularly true for women with endometriosis and food allergies and intolerances.

In General

In addition to the Acupuncture we use different herbs (as tea or in tablet form) to achieve the same results, the combination of both (herbs and the acupuncture) complement each other and work better and faster. Treatment times vary usually between one and six months, depending on the cause of infertility and how good and fast patients react on the treatment.

For Men

The effects of acupuncture on infertility symptoms may be part of a systemic effect on the whole body. As the acupuncture promotes positive health, a significant improvement in the number and quality of sperm is a natural part of this positive health change. Two studies, one published in the medical journal, Archives of Andrology, in Sept.-Oct. 1997 and the other published in Andrologia in January 2000, documented research on infertile males suffering from low sperm quality. The study showed a significant improvement in total functional sperm, the percentage of sperm viability, and the total motile spermatozoa per ejaculate. These results were obtained by taking sperm samples from the men before and after one month of acupuncture treatment.

In Addition

When couples undergoing IUI or IVF acupuncture can also help reduce the side effects some women experience from the medications and the stress of the IVF experience. By promoting balance, women tend not to feel such dramatic emotional swings when doing acupuncture. It also addresses the feelings of discomfort in the abdomen, constipation, hot flashes and headaches women can get during the cycle. Most IVF clinics in the US have acupuncturists on board to increase their success rates.

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