A detox programme is usually a short-term programme , often anything from 3- to 21 days, focused on removing toxins from the body and alkalizing the pH level of the body.

Although detoxification is ongoing in the body, toxins and stress prevent us from doing it optimally, which can eventually affect other systems in the body. A detox diet allows our bodies to focus on self-healing, with the goal being to raise energy levels, stimulate digestive health, clear headaches, remove bloating, improve concentration and mood, avoid getting allergies and intolerances, regain our natural ability to ward off colds and flu, and prevent premature aging and disease.

The benefits of a detox are endless. You may feel more energetic, lighter, healthier, your skin looks better with more glow, you gain more body awareness and you may actually loose a few pounds as well. In the long term , it can change your body and life and is a perfect start for a permanent healthier lifestyle. A good cleansing program should ideally culminate in a life long change.


A detox programme at the DHTC will start with an initial consultation in which your current lifestyle and diet are discussed.
The detox programme is explained and tailormade to your individual needs. Various natural supplements and treatments will be recommended to you during the detox period as well.
Regular follow up consultation (every 7 days) are recommended during the programme and a sustainable individualized meal plan will be discussed with you when coming off the programme.
Consultation, meal/detox plans, supplements & treatments are individually priced.

Package includes:

  • 3 x Nutrition coaching
  • 2 x Meal plans
  • 2 x Body Composition Analysis

If you just ate too much than a classic “Detox Day” at the DHTC will be the perfect treatment for you to lose some weight and get rid of all the toxins from having eaten too much.


Package includes:

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Cupping
  • 5 x Detox Tea
  • Body Composition Analysis

If you really want to make some changes in your diet and lifestyle then you should go for the Detox Nutrition Package or Weight Loss Package.


The question I often get is: ‘ do you feel we really need to detox’? My answer to that is usually; ‘well… if you enjoy a good 8 hours sleep a night, exercise at least 4 x per week, practice deep breathing daily, drink 2 liters of quality water a day, eat an organic free range diet, empty your bowels at least once a day, practice healthy eating habits (see below.) and generally feel energetic and on top of this world. NO, you are probably all right and you don’t need a detox.

But who can honestly say that they do the above and feel great every single day? Very few of us I guess…

A proper detox is not easy, it requires a lot of preparation and strong will power. A one day detox, like the package we offer at the DHTC will do you lots of good and will be a wonderful kick start to a healthier you. Ideally after this ‘taster’ you might want to take it a little further and go on a longer detox period. It might be a weekend, a week or a 3 week detox period. Whatever you decide, we will guide and support you on your journey to better health.

Sandra Perez

Nutrition Coach
What can you do yourself to start preparing for a detox period?

Start with practicing healthy eating habits:

  • Chew your food thoroughly – at least 30 time per bite
  • Practice mindful eating – take 30 minutes to enjoy your meal
  • Make breakfast and lunch your main meals of the day and have a very early and light dinner
  • Do not drink with your meals. Drink 30 min prior to a meal and one hour after the meal.
  • Do not eat raw fruits and vegetables after 5 pm (especially if you are prone to gas and bloating)

Also add the following:

  • Hydrate your body, make sure you drink 2 liters of water and/or herbal teas
  • Add more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Take some deep breaths, aim for twice a day 10 minutes
  • Skin brush
  • Go to bed early

Diet guidelines:

You need to start weaning yourself of some of the baddies that are part of your current daily diet such as:

  • Coffee (replace with green tea)
  • Cow dairy products (YES, that would include cheese!) (replace with organic goat or sheep products)
  • Refined sugars (use only Stevia or Xylitol) – if you crave something sweet – grab a piece of fresh fruit
  • Wheat products (start with organic spelt bread or take it a step further and go gluten free)
  • Alcoholic beverages (replace with herbal teas, or a little fresh juice with sparkling mineral water)
  • Smoking! (cannot be replaced but treatments such as acupuncture may be very helpful)

Some people can do this cold turkey others would benefit more from doing this gradually. Please be aware that going cold turkey can cause severe detox symptoms, and has to be done with caution. The DHTC offers various treatments to assist you with this

What else can support the detox?


Various supplements: to support cleansing of the intestines and ease bowel movements, to support the functioning of the liver, to nourish the body whilst detoxing… A suitable individualized supplement plan should be discussed with your nutritionist.


Various treatments such as detox massages, acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy, manual abdominal treatments and many more are available at the DHTC.

So, what would my detox diet look like? Here is one sample day:

Upon rising; drink a glass of water with the fresh juice of half a lemon
B’fast: A green smoothie
Morning snack: piece of fruit + some nuts & seeds
Lunch: A green salad with other veggies + some organic free range protein
Afternoon snack: veggie sticks with a dip
Dinner: Vegetable soup
Evening: herbal tea

*(for recipes of the above and further recipes for a complete detox contact your nutritionist at the DHTC)
Start your detox on a day where you can totally focus and have a few days to get used to it as most people find the first few days the hardest.

Detoxing is a wonderful way to affirm a new way of being, a fresh start to a new YOU. You are not committing to never treating yourself to a gorgeous piece of cake with a cappuccino again, you are simply taking a break to evaluate how you feel. I’ve never had anyone do a detox and regret it. In fact, most people tell me it changed their life, for the better.

If you feel that you would benefit from a detox and would like to be professionally guided please book an appointment with Zenia Menon.