Colon Hydrotherapy / Irrigation (cleansing) involves a gentle washing of the entire colon with purified filtered water at body temperature. Colon Hydrotherapy / Irrigation (cleansing) hydrates the large intestine and flushes out undesirable toxic matter that often builds up over the passage of time. The process lasts around 45 minutes and is not painful at all. On the contrary, most people say they find it relaxing – and most of all relieving.

Our modern lifestyle of a poor diet and too little exercise makes colon hydrotherapy / irrigation (cleansing) a must. Processed foods with added preservatives and chemicals are hard to avoid in our daily diet. Over time these slow down our bowel function.

As well as hydrating and cleaning the large intestine, colon hydrotherapy/ irrigation (cleansing) may improve a plethora of ailments. These include constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Candida, yeast infections, food allergies/intolerances, skin disorders, body odour, gout, arthritis, pre-menstrual tension and chronic fatigue syndrome. It may increase energy levels/stamina, assist in weight management, boost the immune system and help in the possible prevention against degenerative diseases.

Dr. Asha Rani

Colon Hydrotherapist  

Dr. Asha Jones

Ayurveda Practitioner