Bourn Hall Clinic
Bourn Hall Clinic Dubai, is founded by the team responsible for the world’s first IVF baby in 1980 in the UK and has been at the forefront of Fertility and IVF for read more »
Feng Shui by Cristiano Falconi
In Chinese, the term Feng Shui means 'Wind and Water'. It is one of the five factors contributing to life's success, peace and read more »
Dinner Time –
All Your Home Cooking Needs

Dinner Time Enterprises Ltd is an international company founded 2011 by three Swedish women. Juggling hectic lives and read more »
Kiddy Couture
Kiddy Couture, Dubai’s coolest organic hair salon for kids and teenagers, Kiddy Couture is the first organic kids salon to open in Dubai read more »
Golden Eagle Martial Arts
Golden Eagle Martial Arts was established in 2010 by 6th Dan Black Belt Master John Duval.
Our Martial Arts classes are read more »
K9 friends
K9 Friends is in operation to rescue and rehome stray and abandoned dogs. We reunite lost dogs with their owners, or care for them read more »
Plastic Not So Fantastic
Do you know what effect plastic waste have?
Discarded plastic waste into nature often results in animals eating the garbage because read more »
Sweet Connection –
The Gluten Free Kitchen Dubai

Sweet Connection is the only 100% commercial Gluten Free kitchen in Dubai. We bake for people who are gluten intolerant or have the read more »
The Organic Foods and Cafe
Organic Foods and Café is a family run organic supermarket and café that sells fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, read more »
Viva Mayr
VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine, beautifully located on a quiet peninsula in Lake Wörth! read more »
Greenheart Organic Farms
Greenheart Organic Farms was founded in 2012 out of a genuine desire to grow the best possible organic produce in what is known to be a hostile farming read more »
structured in such a way that all can benefit from our teachings and each student will have the opportunity to enhance and improve their fitness, focus, discipline, self-confidence and self-control.

Golden Eagle Martial Arts believes it is our responsibility to deliver and actively implement a health message that will empower to improve each student's wellness and lifestyle.

Our individualised training sessions focus on each student's unique and specific health and fitness needs, therefore, we are always available to discuss with you how best we can assist the students and also for others training within our programme.
Our programmes are Safe - Effective - Easy to learn
Honour, respect, integrity and trust is our code.
As Master John Duval always says " Health is a Breath Away".
Students must get approved before starting in any location.

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and offers competitive prices in line with ordinary salons but sets itself apart from the clutter due to its meticulously designed salon, welcoming and fun atmosphere and most importantly the safety of using 100% certified organic products.

Kiddy Couture is all about high standards at prices every family can afford. The salon also offers VIP home services, customized service for children with special needs and various party services and products for both kids and special occasions like birthdays, national day and festivities.

For further information about Kiddy Couture, visit the website at or contact us at
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wanting to preserve valuable family time; enjoying a wholesome meal together in the confidence that our families were enjoying a balanced diet, we decided to bring this already popular concept from Sweden to the Middle East.
Delicious home cooked food every night Made by you... Supplied by us...We Supply...You Cook...Just Enjoy.

For further information:
Dinner Time / Phone: +97155-7908733
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prosperity. Many books on Feng Shui exist but understanding the core of Feng Shui living takes a lifetime to fully understand and implement. Cristiano Falconi has attended numerous seminars in Milan, Paris and London before he became a Dubai-based Feng Shui consultant.

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more than 30 years. Professor Robert Edwards, Co - Founder of Bourn Hall Clinic UK received a Nobel Prize for Medicine for his achievements in December 2010.

Bourn Hall Clinic Dubai function under the guidance of the pioneering UK team, following the same procedures and techniques that have been developed and enhanced during more than 30 years of experience, but with appropriate local expertise, ensuring that all patients are treated as individuals, in a manner appropriate to their needs, culture and circumstances. The 22,000 sq ft Dubai clinic features a state of the art clean room that ensures embryos can develop in the fastest and most stable way, according to international standards and increasing the chance of a positive outcome. Couples can also see laboratory procedures taking place through a special viewing area helping them to feel part of the experience as the journey develops.

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environment; no soil, lack of sweet water & rain, desert storms and high temperatures.

At Greenheart we do everything from sourcing genuine heirloom seeds, to soil building, planning the growing schedule including crop rotation and companion planting.

As we strictly DO NOT STORE the produce is harvested freshly each morning and we only harvest what is needed each day.

All produce is sold by Greenheart Organic Farms to either the end consumer which is you or to local businesses and not to third party traders.

Today Greenheart supplies more than 20 local businesses and delivers more than 300 boxes per week. The Greenheart shop gets busier every week and since June 2014 we are HACCP certified.

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VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine, the prestigious clinic was set up in 2004 by Mayr practitioner and physician Dr Harald Stossier and Dr Christine Stossier and has quickly established an international reputation and an army of devotees.

VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine is located on the shores of the spectacular Lake Worth, Austria, which is blessed with a sunny southern Alpine climate and stunning scenery. It is renowned as one of the world's top medical detoxification clinic resorts, particularly for allergy sufferers and people seeking sustained therapeutic success where conventional medicine often fails.

VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine is a highly-specialised private medical centre based on the treatment concepts of Mr F. X. Mayr, concentrating on regeneration and preventive medicine. Spending time at Viva Mayr is probably the best investment in your health (and looks) and is truly a life-changing experience with our traditional knowledge and continuously improved holistic health concept which achieves long-term results.

Modern Mayr Medicine concentrates on the importance of good digestion to our health. Dr Harald Stossier, Medical Director of the VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine, has expanded the original concepts of the Mayr cure to create the Modern Mayr Medicine approach of promoting optimal health. Detoxification is the core element of any treatment program at VIVA – The Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine with emphasis on rest, strict cleansing of the digestive system and re-education of eating habits.

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skin-care, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. With several outlets across Dubai (the Greens community and Dubai Mall), the Organic Foods and Café is the only certified organic outlet in the Middle East and largest supplier of organic products in the world.

At the Organic Foods and Café you can find everything from freshly-baked bread to fruit and vegetables. Supplying over 12,000 hormone and chemical free products direct from family-run organic farms throughout the world, and offering the largest range of gluten-free products in the region, the Organic Foods and Café caters to the health-conscious and eco-conscious consumer.

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Celiac disease. We also bake for people who have allergies like dairy, eggs etc... and for those who choose to go on a Gluten Free diet just for the sake of its health benefits.
No contamination... No Risk because we are 100% Gluten Free.

For further information:
Sweet Connection / Phone: +97150-8763351
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they think it is food. After a while, eating a lot of plastic waste will cause calcification in the animal's stomach and can result in the animal's death.

PNSF believe that making people aware that there is a plastic pollution problem is a vital first step. Whilst the problem may be obvious for some, there are many people who are not conscious of the effect that their consumption habits have on the environment. PNSF believe that they can change people's habits by showing them the evidence of the effects of plastic pollution and the chain reaction of pollution which is a direct consequence of their actions.

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until new homes can be found; giving them shelter and high standards of kennelling and veterinary care. We offer extra training and socialisation to those dogs that need it and detailed help and advice to new pet owners. We also endeavour to educate the public and to encourage a responsible dog-owning population in the UAE.

Educational Talks and Tours. K9 Friends offers regular educational talks and tours for schools and other organised groups in our purpose-built education centre. The talks are given by experienced K9 Friends volunteers.

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