Holistic Coaching

1. Integrated Wellbeing Sessions

Integrated Wellbeing sessions are an alternative curative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. By addressing various concerns e.g. physical, psychological emotional as well as relationships, career, etc.. Holistic Coach Mariam is offering bespoke session to the personal requirements and needs of the client.
Duration 1 hour for individuals

2. Meditation Sessions

You’ve heard that meditation is “good for you,” but the benefits are far beyond just feeling better. Meditation is the practical method for taking control of your day, your thoughts, and your anxiety — and is scientifically proven to do just that. There have been thousands of studies conducted on the benefits of taking a time out to meditate each day, which include improved learning and memory, increased gray-matter development in the brain for higher-functioning minds, increased focus, reduced stress, regulated moods, better decision making, higher pain tolerances, and helps manage heart and respiratory rates. And for all its benefits, meditation just takes a little bit of time, and some dedication. But sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin. Therefore we recommend taking introduction classes with our Holistic Coach Mariam.
Duration 1 hour for groups and individuals

3. Bespoke Workshops

Choose from one of the topics below and Holistic Coach Mariam will tailor each workshop to your personal needs and requirements:
• Positive Parenting
• Vision Board- Manifesting the Future
• Self-Love
• The Definition of Beautiful
• Colour Therapy for Your Wardrobe
The workshops have different fees based on duration, frequency, materials etc. which can decided and discussed with Holistic Coach Mariam in detail.

4. Corporate Training

Holistic Coach Mariam conduct tailer made workshops for corporations to relief stress and increase efficiency in the workplace. Please contact her for further details.

Mariam Yasin

Holistic Coach